Boat Detailing

Similar to RV owners, boat owners have as many unique requests and needs as the many types of boats themselves! Most boat detailing consists of a “buffet line” approach of picking and choosing; lots of that, a little of this, and a little of that over there! Whether your boat has the privilege of being stored indoors and simply needs regular maintenance detailing, or your boat has become oxidized and needs professional fiberglass oxidation removal, we come with over 20+ years of professional boat detailing experience.

Just because a guy can detail a car, does not make him qualified to detail your boat. Car paint is not gel coat, just as car interiors are not boat interiors. The methods of polishing and waxing are different for boats than they are for cars. Just as the methods used to clean and shampoo car interiors will prove mostly ineffective for the levels of dirt that are often part of the boat detailing experience.

While most car care products will perform adequate results on boats, specialized products and techniques can provide a much higher level of results. The industry has no shortage of misinformed and inexperienced car detailers that are more than happy to provide you with marginal results. But if you are looking for candid and open communication to assess the best and most appropriate boat detailing services, you have come to the right place. From complete fiberglass oxidation removal jobs, to simply the best in boat waxing, we are here to help you not only get the results you are looking for, but become an informed boat owner and consumer in the process.

The Many Variables of Boat Detailing and Cleaning

Just as there are unlimited configurations when it comes to boats, boat owners come with just as many unique needs and wants. We will help you decide the level of service you require that is appropriate for you and your world.
As a general rule, we remove each removable piece of seating for complete cleaning of individual piece itself, as well as underneath seating and any storage compartments. But you as the boat owner may not require this level of comprehensive boat detailing.

Whether we are talking car detailing or boat detailing, detailing is all about the details. Not only does professional level results require professional products and techniques, but higher levels of patience in order to get the details right! From the cup holders to the many individual compartments, also brings higher levels of patience to see the job through to completion.