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Windshields Repair

Windshield damage is frustrating enough, but you risk losing your field of vision when it spreads. It could also impact the value of your vehicle and cost you higher insurance rates.

You can usually save chips and cracks in the glass using a repair kit. Windshields Direct LLC repairs the damage quickly.


If your windshield is chipped, you should repair it as soon as possible to prevent the crack from spreading. A chip is a minor cosmetic defect, but it can be a safety concern if it obstructs your vision while you’re driving. Many auto glass shops offer a fast repair process that uses a special resin to fill the chips and prevent them from becoming cracks. This resin is a clear substance that blends with the windshield and doesn’t obscure your view.

The resin is applied with a special tool that creates a seal on the surface of the windshield. This process is quicker and easier than replacing the entire windshield. A trained technician can also clean the area to ensure that no debris remains in the repaired spot.

Windshields are prone to damage from flying stones and other debris. They’re also subject to changes in temperature, which can cause the windshield to expand and contract. These fluctuations may cause the glass to crack or shatter. If a crack develops, it may start from the center or the edge of the windshield and spread in either direction. If the crack reaches the driver’s side door, it may interfere with the opening of the door.

Most modern vehicles are equipped with a laminated windshield that consists of two thinner sheets of tempered glass fused together with a rubber inner layer. The inner layer absorbs shock waves from errant rocks, reducing the chances of breaking the outer layers of the windshield. But even if the glass is cracked, it still resists projectiles better than single-thickness glass.

Home kits are available for repairing small chips and cracks on your own. However, these kits do not offer the same warranty as a professional repair. Additionally, DIY kits are not recommended for the repair of critical areas on your windshield. If you do attempt a DIY kit, you should follow the instructions carefully to avoid further damage or a worsening of your windshield crack.

You can also opt for a mobile windshield repair service. These companies will come to your home or work to perform the repair, which can be a more convenient option for some drivers. These services typically take less than an hour and can cost less than $250 for most cars, although premium or luxury models may have higher costs.

If you notice a crack in your windshield, it’s important to get it fixed immediately. Cracks in windshields are a major safety risk and can block your vision while driving. In addition, driving with a cracked windshield is illegal in some states.

A crack in a windshield can also weaken the glass, increasing the likelihood that it will eventually crack or break altogether. This is especially true if the crack or chip extends to a critical area of the windshield. Unless you get it repaired, the windshield will become an obstruction and may even fail your vehicle inspection.

Windshield crack repair is a permanent process that removes air from the crack and fills it with a clear, optically matched resin. This restores the strength of the windshield and often improves the appearance of the crack as well. However, it’s important to remember that a crack will still be visible after repairs and replacement.

Not all cracks and chips can be repaired with the same method, so it’s important to consult a professional. Some cracks and chips will spread over time, necessitating the replacement of the entire windshield. If this occurs, your insurance will typically cover the cost of the replacement.

Generally, a crack or chip will start small and then spread due to temperature changes in the vehicle. The sun’s rays can heat up the interior of your car, and cold weather can cause it to contract. Additionally, the constant stress of driving over bumps, potholes, and other irregularities can cause cracks to expand.

Another issue with cracks and chips is that they can be a magnet for dirt and debris. While the windshield is being repaired, it’s important to keep it clean and dry to avoid contaminating the new resin. This includes avoiding washing the windshield, and staying away from sprinklers or using your windshield wipers.

A word of warning, if you receive an offer to fix your cracked windshield for free or for an extremely low price, it may be an attempt to defraud your auto insurer. These scammers usually don’t perform quality repairs, but instead just file fraudulent claims against your policy.

When your windshield is damaged, you need to address it immediately. If you don’t, you could be facing expensive repair bills. You should also be aware that some states have inspection requirements for vehicles, and a chip or crack can fail an inspection. This is because they can compromise your safety and vision while you’re driving.

Getting your windshield repaired quickly can save you money and frustration, but it’s important to choose the right kit. Start by determining how extensive the damage is. A chip smaller than a quarter and a crack shorter than 3 inches is typically easy to patch using an epoxy kit. However, if your windshield has more damage or it’s an older model, you may need to talk to a dealer about alternative solutions.

Once you’ve selected a repair kit, make sure to read the instructions carefully. Then, clean the surface of the damaged glass with a microfiber towel and rubbing alcohol to ensure that the surface is free of dirt and debris. After removing the paper backing from the patch, line it up over the damaged area of your windshield. Before applying the resin, squeegee out any air bubbles and let it rest for the amount of time specified in the kit’s instructions. Once the resin is dry, you can remove the curing strip and scrape off any residue for a flawless finish.

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The location of your windshield damage will determine whether or not your glass can be repaired. If the breakage is in the center of your windshield or directly in your line-of-sight, you will likely need a replacement. The reason for this is that your windshield is responsible for up to 45% of the structural integrity of the cabin in a front-end collision and even more in a rollover.

Windshield repair is only possible if the damage does not penetrate through the outer and inner layers of your windshield. In other words, it must not be deeper than the plastic interlayer. This is why a professional technician must perform the repair.

This is why it is essential to take action as soon as you notice a blemish in your windshield. The longer you wait, the more chance the blemish has to become a crack. Even minor cracks aggravate within a few days.

In addition, if your windshield has been damaged by a stone or other object that hits at high speed, the crack can develop much more quickly. This is because the vibrations from such an impact can cause the glass to expand and contract rapidly. Fortunately, Jiffy Lube uses a proprietary technology that can prevent a crack from forming and keep it from spreading.

also injects a clear polymer into your windshield to restore its structural integrity. This not only ensures that you can see out of your windshield, but it helps to prevent the damage from cracking and compromising the safety of your vehicle.

It is important to remember that your windshield is made from two layers of glass fused with a plastic interlayer in the middle. This sandwiched layer holds the glass together. The thickness of this layer is what makes it so durable.